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The Process

A more detailed overview of how I work with my students and their parents to achieve their objectives.

Free Consultation

  1. Introductions

  2. You tell me about your situation and what you want to achieve

  3. Free advice on how best to go about it

  4. I give you a demonstration of my abilities.

  5. Decide if working with me is the best way of achieving your objective

Lifestyle counseling

Overcome Barriers to Accomplishment 

  1. We ensure sound sleep and other critical determinants of performance are in place. If not, I give you a plan for how to fix them and track progress. 

  2. We continuously work to maintain progress made, as this is the most efficient way of ensuring obtainment of your long-term goals..

  3. I give you a crash course in the science of learning. By changing to proven techniques, you can learn ~30% faster. 

Systematically Address Subject Weaknesses and Key Concepts

  1. We work on everything which holds back the speed at which you can make progress working independently/in class. Often this involves ensuring mastery of the concepts which underpin the rest of the curriculum. 

  2. We then tackle the things you have the hardest time working on independently. Usually, these are things that the learner dreads to work on the most.

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Reap the Benefits

  1. 100% of my clients, for the past two years, achieved the objective they came to me to accomplish

  2. Every GCSE student made it into their first choice sixth-form, every A-Level student into their first choice university. Every post-secondary student achieved the highest possible grade for the subject studied.

  3. Every adult client received the desired job offer/promotion/training contract admission.

  4. Clients outperform their peers long after their involvement with me has finished, and they credit their success to the techniques I taught them and the systems we built together.

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